About TSC


Alliance Offshore Drilling (AOD)
About: In 2013, TSC established Alliance Offshore Drilling (AOD). AOD's primary objective is to build, upgrade, sell and lease; safe, efficient offshore drilling rigs to the drilling contractors and oil companies. AOD specializes in jack-up rigs (shallow and hi-specification), platform modular rigs and other modern innovative solutions for the upstream E&P industry.
Location: Singapore
Website: http://www.aodpl.com/


Ansell Jones Ltd.
About: Ansell Jones is a subsidiary of TSC, added in 2008 through the acquisition of Global Marine Energy plc. Ansell Jones has a long history spanning more than 160 years, which has established the company as a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality lifting and mooring equipment, for offshore, marine and defense industries.
Location: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.anselljones.com/


Miko Oilfield Supplies (M·O·S)
About: In 2008, TSC acquired Miko Oilfield Supplies. MOS is one of several major global players providing mechanical handling systems and equipment to jack-ups, semi submersibles and drillships.
Location: United Kingdom


About: In late 2014, TSC acquired a 79% equity stake in Jurun Limited, a company engaged in the provision of petroleum engineering services, equipment rental, repair and maintenance services and trading of spare parts in various locations all over the world. Its main brand, Cruiser is one of the largest top drive service brands in China.
Location: China
Website: http://www.petrocruiser.com/en/


Patriot Mechanical Handling, Inc.
About: Patriot was acquired through acquisition of Global Marine Energy plc, in 2008. Since 1990, TSC / Patriot Crane, LLC has manufactured offshore deck crane for drilling rigs, production platforms and FPSOs with numerous installations worldwide, in all major offshore operating areas.
Location: U.S.A.

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