About TSC

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values
To keep up in today’s ever changing energy landscape we must understand the forces that will shape our business and prepare for the journey ahead. TSC’s mission and vision were established as a long-term path to achieving our goals.

Our Vision:
To be a world-class solutions provider to the energy industry.

Our Mission: 
Drive business growth through creating value for our customers, shareholders, staff and other stakeholders.

Our Values:
As a global energy provider, we are constantly judged by how we act. Our 4-D and Top-E values serve as the compass for our decision making and act to define our reputation.

Customer Driven: Proactively work to understand customers’ comprehensive needs;
Service Driven: Provide high quality services that exceed customer expectations;
Solutions Driven: Deliver effective solutions that solve customers’ problems and add value;
Result Driven: Fulfill our promises and take full responsibility for our actions.

Teamwork: Promote cooperative activities that facilitate the mutual growth of individuals;
Openness: Actively pursue learning new things to adapt to every changing environments;
Passion: Inspire and encourage each other to never give up without achieving goals;
Entrepreneurship: Dare to explore.