The World’s First R-550D Jack-up Rig Successfully Obtains ABS Certificate

On September 28th 2016, the world’s first R-550D jack-up rig successfully gained ABS certificate and an ABS intertim certification ceremony was held in CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Company Limited (“HPWS”) in Guangzhou. It is the fruit of the strategic cooperation among TSC Group Holdings Limited (“TSC”), Zentech, Inc.(“Zentech”)and HPWS and marks a milestone for the alliances. This world’s first 400ft jack-up rig is the first masterwork designed by Zentech for years of dedicated efforts and would enter the offshore engineering market as a whole.

In the past few years, TSC has provided 8 integrated solutions and drilling packages for eight 300ft jack-up rigs which currently are operated in the major waters globally. With its rich experience, TSC leverages its strengths to expand its business in jack-up field and attempts a 400ft jack-up rig to offer completed sets of drilling equipment and offshore rig integreted solutions. TSC firstly innovatively provided jacking units of 1,000 kips each enables the rig to operate safely and efficiently in harsh environments. In addition, most of the rig’s other key drilling equipment came from TSC’s manufacturing base in Qingdao with its own intellectual property rights. The R-550D is compatible with most existing rig footprints but has bigger spud cans and higher leg strengths which provides the rig with superior features to overcome punch-through situations in soft soil conditions. Having bigger spud cans and 54 jacking units. The R-550D is also fitted with a 1.5-million pound drilling system, a maximum combined cantilever load of 3,500 kips and an operational variable deck load of 11,000 kips which is far superior compared to most high specification jack-up rigs.

This R-550D rig is also the first 400ft jack-up rig built by HPWS who made great efforts and supports during the whole process. Interstellar Offshore, an engineering company co-founded by TSC and SDARI and HPWS contributed a lot in terms of rig engineering and technical work, which would lay a solid foundation for HPWS to build a specialized offshore engineering team in the future.

TSC’s subsidiary Alliance Offshore Drilling Pte Ltd (“AOD”) and HPWS gathered a patch of experienced international experts in charge of on-site supervision, guide and management of the project. During the acceptance inspection of ABS certificate, the rig owner, Pertamina, Gas Company in Indonesia and Ministry of Sea Transportation (DEPHUBLA) of Indonesia paid several visits to R-550D and gave a high evaluation of the rig’s design, construction, quality control and documentation control.

R-550D rig currently is under completion and final commissioning phase. Rig owner PT Harmoni Drilling Services (“PT HDS”) would like to send a team of key operators to get to know better of the key equipment and system of the rig and accept necessary trainings prior to the end of this October as scheduled. R-550D rig proves the outstanding integrated rig building capabilities of the consortium of four parties TSC, HPWS, Zentech and AOD. It also reflects the multi win-win strategy concept of the offshore industry present. The well-seasoned R-550D will proceed into the international waters to initiate its mission and would like to add a glory and expectation to the offshore energy.
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