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Deck Cranes

TSC Offshore Crane™ has become famous offshore rig crane brands and in high repute worldwide after several years’ efforts in design, manufacture, supply chain and etc. of the Patriot crane, brand of GME which was acquired by TSC in 2008.

TSC manufactures deck cranes for a variety of offshore applications. TSC cranes are value engineered to offer increased capacities and rigidity at lower weights. TSC offers high performance cranes that are designed and built to the latest specifications of API 2C as well as ABS and CCS third party certification.
  • Pedestal Crane

    TSC pedestal cranes are designed to meet lifting demands on-board all types of offshore installations, ...

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  • Kingpost Crane

    TSC kingpost cranes are suitable for a variety of platforms including fixed platforms, jack-ups and ...

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