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Tubular & Riser Handling Equipment

Since 1980s, TSC’s tubular & riser handling system, designed and fabricated by former M.O.S(later was acquired by TSC), has been operating on many famous floaters. Nowadays, TSC’s handling system holds a 25% market share of active floating platforms (including semi-submersible rigs and drillships). These systems are now operated in many global deep waters, including Brazil, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Middle East and the North Sea. Some famous products include handling system, bridge and column racker, subsea blowout preventer, and subsea Xmas tree skid units for moving are well known in the market.

TSC provides an extensive line of tubular & riser handling equipment to meet a variety of specific client needs.
  • Gantry Crane

    TSC gantry cranes deliver solutions for moving riser and drilling tubulars from the storage area ...

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  • Knuckle Boom Crane

    TSC offers a variety of pipe handlers to satisfy specific requirements and configurations for any ...

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  • Catwalk/Conveyor

    A range of catwalks, conveyors and riser skates are available to accurately transport tubulars, from ...

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  • Bridge Racker

    The TSC bridge racker is mounted within the derrick, above the fingerboard level. The bridge ...

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  • Column Racker (Guardian Racker)

    The TSC column racker (guardian racker) transfers tubulars between the horizontal position, from the catwalk ...

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  • 2-Arm Racking System

    The TSC 2-arm racking system includes a top racking arm (TRA) and a centre racking ...

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  • Fingerboards

    TSC fingerboards are mounted within the derrick, above the drill floor. The fingerboards are capable ...

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  • Derrickmans and Assistant Driller Cabin

    TSC cabins are mounted in the derrick to provide a safe, climate controlled area for ...

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  • Mousehole

    The TSC mousehole is mounted on the drill floor. It is used in conjunction with ...

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  • HTV Machine

    The TSC HTV arm (horizontal to vertical arm) transfers tubulars between the horizonal position from ...

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  • Drill Floor Manipulation Arm

    The TSC drill floor manipulation arm tails and guides tubulars between the V-Door ramp/catwalk/conveyor, setback ...

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