Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an international company with over 1000 employees worldwide, TSC is committed to be a good corporate citizen in the global communities it operates in.

We believe in treating the environment and society with respect and dignity, and we view the balance of social responsibility, environmental protection, safety as well as a sustainable economy as key factors in ensuring business continuity and success.

On our part, we demonstrate our beliefs in the values we represent – tolerance, openness, reliability and cooperativeness –– in our business activities and societal involvement. We have also introduced efficient tools to ensure the comprehensive implementation of social, safety and environmental considerations within the organization, involving our employees, business associates, supply chain partners as well as individual societies and cultures around the globe.

All TSC employees are involved in our Corporate Social Responsibility framework, with emphasis on the following fields:
  • Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Citizen Activities
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Business Ethics